Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Full Lace Tamika wig by Janet Collection

This style has become quite popular and sought after in the past few months.

It is from the Black Pearl series from Janet Collection and as such does not pride itself on plentiful parting area and lace. Full Lace Tamika only has about 1" of parting area in the front.
So why is everyone so fond of it?
  • The hair texture of this wig is so natural looking and believable
  • There is some lace on the neckline so it can be put in a high ponytail
  • The style comes naturally and does not look wiggy as many others may appear.
Watch a video review of Full Lace Tamika wig below:

Here is a detailed view of the construction of the cap. Even though it says Full lace wig, the lace is present only on the front (from ear to ear) and on the neckline.
On the inside there are tracks, two combs in the front, one comb in the back.
It comes with adjustable straps for secure fit.
It can be glued or taped down, but in general most people choose not to use adhesives.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Whole Lace Wigs by Janet Collection-Video

I recently posted an article that explained in detail the construction and advantages of Whole lace wigs made by Janet Collection.
The manufacturer recently posted this video on their YouTube channel.
Watch and comment or ask questions!