Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Top 5 Best Rated Hair Products by Janet Collection

Here are the Top 5 Best rated Hair Products by Janet Collection:

Dream Girl synthetic wig by Janet Collection. Advertised price currently:$7.99
Whatpeople say: " Everyone thinks it is my own hair and not a wig", "have had so many compliments from women and men", "This is the best wig I have ever worn"....etc

100% Human Hair Full Lace Mimi wig by Janet Collection.
Advertised price currently: $36.49
What people say: " I absolutely love this wig. She is everything I expected her to be, soft, realistic and the curls are amazing", "all i can say is it is the bomb", "This wig does not look like a wig it looks like your own hair"...etc

Full Lace Tamika wig by Janet Collection. Advertised price currently: $34.99
What people say: "its full and for a synthetic wig, it feels so real", "The wig is beautiful all my friends think this is my real hair", "It's the perfect fullness, great length, and the way it falls is amazing. It
looks very realistic

Whole Lace First Lady wig by Janet Collection. Advertised price currently: $71.95

What people say: "I have to say that I am really impressed with this wig. I love it", "The lace can be parted any way you like", "The hair is very pretty and looks realistic"....etc

Indi Remy Ripple Deep Weave by Janet Collection. Advertised price currently: $36.99~$66.99
What people say: " I am very happy with my purchase so far", "The hair is exactly as advertised", " I fell in love with the curls and softness of this weave"....etc

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to choose hair color for your wig

How to choose color of hair wig?

Choosing the right color of your hair wig or hair extension is extremely important about your happiness with the product.

So here is our Guide to choosing color:
1. Are you selecting human hair or synthetic hair?
Human hair colors tend to be a shade lighter than synthetic hair colors. For example, if you wear a human hair wig in color 2 and want to buy a synthetic hair wig, you should choose color 4. Another important thing to know about hair colors is that you can dye 100% human hair product while you cannot alter the color of a synthetic hair product.

2. Are you looking for a natural looking color or a fancy color? Most often fancy colors are manufactured in synthetic hair, as human hair is very expensive. If you are looking for a natural color, stay with the basic colors like 1, 1B, 2, 4, 27, 30, 33. If your hair does not match any of those colors then you may consider a mixed color.

3. Hair color abbreviations explained. (For color chart illustration click here) So you are looking at a product and the options for the colors read TT1B/350, FS1B/30, FR4/33 and you have no idea what those mean. Here is a break down for the most common color codes:

F colors at beginning, examples (F1B/30, F4/33, F1010 etc)---stands for mixed color combination, color ratio 1:1 This means that you get the same amount of the colors mixed in. (This color coding is most common for brands like Isis Collection, Femi Collection and Janet Collection)

F colors in the middle, examples ( 1BF30, 4F27, 4F30 etc)---stands for highlighted or frosted color. This means that you get the basic color as the overwhelming color and the color behind F as the highlight color. (This color coding is most common for brands like Motown Tress)

FR colors, examples (FR1B/27, FR4/27/30, FR1B/350, etc)----stands for Frosted color combination, color ratio: 1:1, also known as Zebra. This means that you have the basic color, with chunks of highlights of the secondary color/s.(This color coding is most common for brands like Femi Collection and Janet Collection)

FS colors, examples (FS1B/33, FS4/27, FS4/30, etc)----stands for frosted color combination, color ration 4:1, also known as Piano color. This means that you get 4 times more of the basic color than he highlights. The highlights are not as obvious or chunky. (This color coding is most common for brands like Harlem 125 and Janet Collection)

TT colors, examples (TT1B/27, TT1B/BURG, TT1B/350, etc)----stands for two tone color combination. You get one color on top, and another color on the bottom. (The use of this coding is more popular for hair extensions and weaving hair.)

P colors in the middle, examples (4P27, 4P30, etc)----stands for patchy color combination. You get a significant amount of highlights that comes in chunks among the basic color. (This color coding is most common for brands like Motown Tress)
We hope this information in color interpretation was useful. Please remember that some brands may be exclusion to the rules above.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Beyonce's Big Hair Curls

Beayonce is a Hair Fashion icon and more. She can pull off a sleek straight style or big curly do any time she decides to.

She makes everyone jealous sporting a beautiful curly do in golden colors.

Here is our suggestion to get a beautiful curly do as Beyonce:
Full Lace Abrah wig by Janet Collection in color F3244.

This wig has lots of volume, large, deep wave curls. The color F3244 is a combination of platinum highlights on top and golden blond and browns on bottom for lowlights.

Watch a video review of this Full Lace Abrah wig below:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Pixie cut and how to accomplish it

The Pixie cut is one of those extreme hair styles that immediately draws on attention.
This style can look sexy, alluring and exotic on the right face shape.

Here is an example of a celebrity who completely and absolutely rocked a pixie cut in soft golden tones that complemented her skin tone.

Mary J Blige

If you are looking to accomplish this hair style but don't know where to begin or how to, here is a suggestion.
First, define what is your face shape: oval, square, rectangular, diamond, etc.
This hair style is appropriate on oval, diamond or round shaped faces.
To proceed with accomplishing this style, you will have to decide whether you wish to cut your hair so short. If you do not want to take a risk, we suggest that you try out a wig.
It is fairly inexpensive and will save you a painful separation from long grown and cared for hair.
See the picture of Kandi human hair wig below. This wig is all you will need to accomplish the pixie cut.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Full Lace Tamika wig by Janet Collection

This style has become quite popular and sought after in the past few months.

It is from the Black Pearl series from Janet Collection and as such does not pride itself on plentiful parting area and lace. Full Lace Tamika only has about 1" of parting area in the front.
So why is everyone so fond of it?
  • The hair texture of this wig is so natural looking and believable
  • There is some lace on the neckline so it can be put in a high ponytail
  • The style comes naturally and does not look wiggy as many others may appear.
Watch a video review of Full Lace Tamika wig below:

Here is a detailed view of the construction of the cap. Even though it says Full lace wig, the lace is present only on the front (from ear to ear) and on the neckline.
On the inside there are tracks, two combs in the front, one comb in the back.
It comes with adjustable straps for secure fit.
It can be glued or taped down, but in general most people choose not to use adhesives.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Whole Lace Wigs by Janet Collection-Video

I recently posted an article that explained in detail the construction and advantages of Whole lace wigs made by Janet Collection.
The manufacturer recently posted this video on their YouTube channel.
Watch and comment or ask questions!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Whole Lace Wigs by Janet Collection

Lace wigs come in many varieties and brands: lace fronts, full lace, half lace, Silhouette, Isis Collection, Janet Collection, Motown Tress, Harlem 125, Zury.

Here we will point out the advantages of whole lace wigs by Janet Collection and take a closer look at the construction of the unit.

  • Mesh lace all over which allows for the hair to part anywhere
  • Can by styled in high ponytails or updo styles
  • Very lightweight
  • The cap construction allows better air circulation and less perspiration

Whole Lace wigs by Janet Collection are currently made in premium synthetic hair, some of the styles they offer are heat resistant.

Lace Front Wig Application Illustrated

Here is a well explained and illustrated tutorial on how to apply lace front wigs provided by the manufacturer of these products Harlem 125.
The tutorial below shows how to apply the lace wig either using glue/adhesive or double-sided tape.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hair Stop and Shop June Contest

Here comes another opportunity to win yourselves a FREE Front Lace wig!
What to do: Visit our Facebook page. Upload a picture of yourself wearing a product bought from our website. Name the picture with the name of the product or the brand.

Deadline to enter: July 9th, 2010

Prize: FREE Front Lace Aja wig

Good luck to everyone!

For questions or comments please e-mail:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wearing Wigs as protective styles

One of the many reasons why people choose to wear wigs is that a wig offers a protection for a growing hair that has been damaged from excessive chemical treatment or glue in extensions, etc.

Yes, it's true that it's easy to snap on a wig and walk out in the morning. It's the easy way around most of the time.

But for some, wearing a wig, allows them to grow their own hair out and care for it, while saving the embarrassment or inconvenience of showing your own damaged or short hair.

Here are a few tips on what to do and how to care for your own hair while wearing a wig:

  1. In summer time it is recommended that you use a mesh wig cap over your hair and under the wig. The mesh cap will allow your own hair to breathe better and not sweat.
  2. In winter time it is recommended that you use a silk or nylon cap as it will keep your hair better moisturized.
  3. Take off wig before going to bed to allow your own hair to breathe while you rest.
  4. Wash your natural hair regularly and condition as per your daily regimen and maintenance.
  5. Wash your wigs as they need it, do not allow smell or bacteria formation as that may harm your natural hair.
  6. If your hair is very damaged and fragile make sure that no wig combs or clips are rubbing or breaking your natural tresses.
Follow these simple steps and with time and care your natural hair will grow as you want it to be!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Mommy wig vs. the Mimi wig

Lot's of interest in the Mommy wig and lots of questions for the Human Hair Full Lace Mimi wig had led to this blog post.

OK, so here we will strip down the styles to similarities and differences:

Starting with the similarities, both the Mommy wig and Mimi wig:
  1. Are 100% Human Hair
  2. Made by the same manufacturer: Janet Collection
  3. Have the same finger wave curl pattern
And here are the differences between the Mommy wig and the Mimi wig:
  1. Mommy is a regular full cap wig and Mimi is a full lace wig
  2. Mommy has no lace, and Mimi has lace on front and rear
  3. Different price for both products. Mommy retails for $24.99 and above and the Mimi retails for over $40.00
  4. The Mimi wig may be a little shorter in the back than the original Mommy wig.
Below is a video of the Full Lace Mimi wig by Janet Collection:

Lace WIG Manufacturers

Have you wondered who and how make the wigs you wear?

We will discuss today several different manufacturers or brands of lace wigs.

Harlem 125 is a manufacturer of the LU and LD series of lace front wigs. LU stands for lace up
and LD for lace down. The LU wigs, like LU 102 wig , LU 108 wig have rec
eived phenomenal reviews and feedback from customers, claiming the styles to be current, the hairline-natural looking and the lace-offering flexible parting in the front. The LD series, like LD501, or LD402, on the other side are know as more economical on the lace use. This means that the Ld lace front wigs do not offer as much flexibility of p
arting area.
Overall we will give this manufacturer a 4.5 Star rating.

Janet Collection is a manufacturer of the Indian Remy Full Lace wigs, Black Pearl synthetic Full Lace wigs and the Janet Full Lace wig series. Their Indian Remy wig collection included several wet and wavy styles, which allow the wig to be worn 2 different styles. Those wigs are made of 100% Pure Remy hair and have a l
ife expectancy of 2-6 months. Although they are name Full Lace wigs, the lace covers only
the front and the rear, but not the whole crown. The Full Lace wigs can be worn in a high ponytail if desired.
Another series of lace wigs that belong to Janet Collection is the Whole lace series. Those wigs have Swiss Lace on front and rear and mesh lace all over. All the hair is hand tied which allows for parting anywhere throughout the unit. Examples of those styles are: Whole Lace Dior wig, Whole Lace Eliza wig and W
Overall this manufacturer receives 4.4 star rating.

Another famous manufacturer of lace wigs is Motown Tress. Motown Tress is a maker primarily of wigs while the manufacturers we already mentioned also carry hair extensions and braids. Motown Tress also have their version of the 100% Human Hair Front Lace wigs and Synthetic hair Front Lace wigs. Their Remy hair is of superior quality and their synthetic hair styyles have a large variety. Their synthetic hair series also have the more economical version and the version with more lace. For example, the LFES-Mojo Lace Front wig only has 1" of lace while the Full Lace LFH-Mink wig has lace all over.
Overall, this manufacturer receives 4.3 star rating.
And last we will discuss the ISIS Collection brand. Isis Collection is famous for their lace front wigs which come in mostly synthetic fiber, heat resistant fiber and very few in human hair. The lace on the front of the unit is French lace, more sturdy and longer lasting and the lace stretches about 2" into the crown. Examples of lace front wigs from this collection are: Front Lace Eve wig, Front Lace Roni wig, Front Lace Shana wig and more.

More information and in-depth description of different lace wigs to follow soon.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Win a Free Front lace wig

The best stuff is the free stuff!

Here is how to get a chance to win a FREE Front Lace wig.

Visit our promotions page and refer at least 3 friends.
The deadline to enter is May 23rd.
You can enter multiple times referring different friends. Note: Only friends who opt-in your invitation will make your entry qualify for the contest.
The prize is Front Lace Joan wig by Janet Collection (illustrated to the left)

Hurry up and spread the word to friends and family!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wig Reimbursement

Did you know that your insurance may cover the cost of a wig?

If a person requires a "cranial hair prosthesis" while undergoing Alopecia or cancer-related therapy, they may be eligible for reimbursement under their health insurance plan? If you need to wear a wig because of medical reasons like Alopecia and cancer-related therapy than the "wig" should be called a "cranial hair prosthesis" for insurance purposes?
If you file an insurance claim for reimbursement for a "wig" instead of a "cranial hair prosthesis" you will very likely be turned down? Most insurance companies cover between 80 to 100% of a cranial prosthesis? Insurance Companies are realizing your cranial hair prosthesis are more and more a necessity for those recovering from Alopecia and cancer treatments.

Contact your insurance company for more information on your health care plan.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Win a FREE Lace Front Wig

We are here today to share a great opportunity to win a free lace front wig by Hair Stop and Shop.

The event is called Spring Sweepstakes and requires only to fill out a sign up for for the store's newsletter. You will be entering the form via Facebook so a Facebook account will be necessary to be able to log in.

The prize is a Lace Front wig by Janet Collection: FREE and delivered straight to your door. The name of the product is Front Lace Ares wig.

Deadline to enter: April 11, 2010

Enter the contest here!

or copy and paste the link below in a new browser:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mommy Wig is Hot! Hot! Hot!

Mommy wig is a 100% human hair wig made by Janet Collection. This short cut style has become quite popular in the past few months. The style has finger wave curl pattern that can be worn flat, like on the picture above or can by styled to achieve more volume and fullness. It does look very natural and is light weight.
Another advantage of this products is that it can be easily colored/dyed to match you color preference. Please click here to see video on how to dye human hair wigs.
Product name: Human Hair Mommy wig
Brand: Janet Collection
Price: $21.99
Can be found on:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Full Lace wigs, Front Lace wigs Explained

Lace wigs fall into 3 general groups: Full Lace, Front Lace and Half Lace.
Some Lace wigs are made with Swiss lace (the softest and the finest) and some with French lace (harder and more resistant).
Front Lace wigs have lace at the forehead extending usually from ear to ear. Therefore Front Lace wigs cannot be pulled in a high pony tail unlike Full Lace Wigs. Front lace wigs will give you a natural hairline in the front. This means the hair can be parted anywhere throughout the front of the unit. This cap style only has to be glued down or taped in the front and is ideal for women that never want to wear their hair in up-dos or high ponytails or have hair thinning or other medical conditions.
Full Lace wigs are wigs where the amount of lace allows you to put the wig in a high ponytail. Full Lace wig construction may vary from one manufacturer to another. Usually custom made Full Lace wigs have lace all over. Full lace wigs manufactured in bulk usually come in one standard size-one size fits all and that is why they only have lace on front from ear to ear and on rear (neckline). Thus the construction of the wig allows it to be adjustable to fit a wider range of customers. The lace is positioned on the hair line and the neck line. It can be worn in a high pony tail but there is no lace on the crown. An example of those wigs are Full Lace Ganga wig, Full Lace Gauri wig and other by Janet Collection.
Half lace wigs on the other side offer frontal lace extending further into the crown. These wigs cannot be but in a high ponytail but offer better parting on the front.