Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Wigs Top Picks

What are some of your criteria for selecting a proper wig for the summer?
Here are our suggestions and selections for summer wigs based on color, length and flexibility.

1. Summer colors for summer wigs

Good colors for the summer are usually 2 to 4 shades lighter than your winter colors. We suggest to try sun streaked colors such as 4/27 or 4/27/30 (FR or FS combinations)

Illustarted to the left is color FS4/27/30 (medium brown base with strawberry blong and light brown highlights). This color appears warm and still natural looking.

If your skin tone allows it, you can even go lighter with colors such as 24-27 or F2216, F1010.

2. Summer wigs and lenght

What is the perfect length of a wig for the summer?

Most people prefer to go shorter for the summer as the humidity and heat can make an impact on long styles.

We recommend medium to short styles with wispy bangs.

If short boy cut styles do not suit your face shape, then try a medium bob wig.
You can try with bangs or without bangs. Summer also gives you the opportunity to play with flowers, scarves and other hair accessories. Be creative!

3. Summer wigs and flexibility:
Summer wigs need to be well ventilated to allow maximum air to flow through. There are wigs that prevent bacteria formation and deodorize. These wigs are perfect if your head tends to sweat a lot.

As far as flexibility, we suggest styles that are 2-in-1 or 3-in one, such as the ISIS Collection BP and TP styles. Those styles can be worn as half wigs or draw strings.

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