Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Mommy wig vs. the Mimi wig

Lot's of interest in the Mommy wig and lots of questions for the Human Hair Full Lace Mimi wig had led to this blog post.

OK, so here we will strip down the styles to similarities and differences:

Starting with the similarities, both the Mommy wig and Mimi wig:
  1. Are 100% Human Hair
  2. Made by the same manufacturer: Janet Collection
  3. Have the same finger wave curl pattern
And here are the differences between the Mommy wig and the Mimi wig:
  1. Mommy is a regular full cap wig and Mimi is a full lace wig
  2. Mommy has no lace, and Mimi has lace on front and rear
  3. Different price for both products. Mommy retails for $24.99 and above and the Mimi retails for over $40.00
  4. The Mimi wig may be a little shorter in the back than the original Mommy wig.
Below is a video of the Full Lace Mimi wig by Janet Collection:

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