Monday, January 21, 2008

Skin Top Wigs

"Skin top" wig is a wig that has a latex cap at the top. This type is strongly recommended, if you can afford it and if you have skin the color of flesh tone latex. If you want a style that parts, skin top is almost required for a natural look. It allows for a change in parting the hair.
Some wigs have only partial skin top texture and others are full skin tops that allow hair to be parted anywhere.
Almost all brands offer a selection of skin top wigs.
Janet Collection, for example, offers more than 20 different skin top wigs: short, long, medium length, human hair or synthetic. Here are several examples:
Cleopatra wig, Patricia wig, Mono Sandy wig.
Motown tress, a manufacturer of wigs, also offers lace wigs with mono skin top which present the best hairline ever. It makes the hair look like it is coming from your own scalp-very realistic and also comfortable for parting.

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