Wednesday, January 9, 2008

TOP 10 Tips "How to Take Care of Your Wig"

There are numerous instructions of how to take good care of your wig in order to preserve it longer.
Here we will list only the top 10 most important things you should do or not do to your wig. Feel free to add info or ask questions and list your top 5 tips on "How to take care of your wig".

  1. Always use styling products especially created for wigs. Using regular shampoos or conditioners might actually damage the hair wig or have undesired effects. If you have purchased a synthetic wig, you can find styling products for synthetic hair.
  2. Wash your wig in a sink filled with cool water and not on your head. Agitate gently after adding the wig shampoo. Then rinse gently with cool water. Do not rub or squeeze the wig.
  3. Do not comb wig while wet.
  4. Let wig dry on a wig stand. Using blow drier is not recommended.
  5. Store your wig on a wig stand to preserve its style.
  6. Do not use curling iron on synthetic hair wig, unless the synthetic fiber is heat resistant, like Futura synthetic wigs for example. Most heat resistant synthetic hair would only sustain up to 350 degrees of heat. So when wearing regular synthetic wig, stay away from the grill or open oven.
  7. Use special wig comb or wig brush.
  8. If you purchased human hair wig, you may use curling irons, dies and colors.
  9. To prolong the life of a wig, wear a nylon wig cap- not the open net type. The nylon wig cap will help keep oils off the wig webbing and extend the life.
  10. When combing hair wig start your way from the bottom out. It often more comfortable to sit on the floor and place your wig on your knee and then gently comb the lower ends as you are holding the top of the wig. If hair is severely tangled use special conditioner or detangling spray.

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